3 parts of the US where there are no hospitals earn top marks for safety

Nobody likes to get sick, but it’s especially bad to fall into ill health in Vermont, North Dakota, or the District of Columbia.

These are the only areas in the country without any hospitals that have received an A, the highest rating for safety, according to the Leapfrog Group’s fall 2022 report.

Overall, 30% of hospitals nationwide have an A grade, 28% a B grade, 36% a C grade, 6% a D grade, and 1% an F grade.

The ten states with the highest percentage of A-rated hospitals are:

  • New Hampshire
  • Virginia
  • Utah
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • who
  • Pennsylvania
  • fl

The Leapfrog Group is a nonprofit organization that describes itself as “leading a movement to take giant leaps for patient safety.”

The group gives letter scores to about 3,000 public hospitals in the United States. Hospitals are rated based on their effectiveness in protecting patients from preventable medical errors, accidents, injuries, and infections.

According to the group, about 200,000 people die each year from hospital errors, injuries, accidents, and infections.

On a bright note, patient safety appears to be improving over time, according to the Leapfrog Group. It estimates that such improvements have saved 16,000 lives over the past decade.

In particular, the incidence of two problems decreased by 25% each:

  • Falls and shocks
  • Accidents of objects inadvertently left in the body after surgery

Progress has also been made in preventing healthcare-associated infections. In a summary of the fall 2022 results, Leah Bender, President and CEO of the Leapfrog Group, said:

“For a long time, the healthcare community has tried to improve safety, but progress has stalled. The big difference this decade is that, for the first time, we’ve publicly reported every hospital’s record on patient safety, and that has spurred the kind of change we’ve all been hoping for. It’s just not enough change. But we’re on the right track.”

To search for hospital grades in your area, visit the Leapfrog Group rating site.

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