5 Traits Data Says Are More Important Than Physical Attraction

“Love Is Blind” is known for being a corny cliche — and an addictive Netflix show. It’s also becoming a reality for more daters, according to recent data from Match users.

Nearly half, 49%, of the 5,000 surveyed said they had fallen in love with someone they were not initially attracted to. Ten years ago, only 38% of daters said the same thing.

The qualities singles are looking for have little to do with looks.

The top 5 qualities single people want in a potential partner instead, according to Match Data, are:

  1. 94% Daters want someone they can trust and trust
  2. 92% Many daters want someone who is comfortable communicating their wants and needs
  3. 92% Many daters want someone who is emotionally mature
  4. 92% Daters want someone who can make them laugh
  5. 89% daters want someone who is comfortable with their sexuality

Good mental health trumps good looks

Other data confirms that data prioritizes good mental health over looks.

93% of users of Hinge, which is owned by Match, would rather date someone who is emotionally vulnerable, according to Hinge data. They care more about this than height or income.

They specifically want to hear about a potential partner’s values ​​and feelings, as well as hopes and fears of the relationship.

97% of singles want to date someone who takes care of their mental health, and 86% say they are more likely to go on a second date with someone who mentioned they go to therapy than on the first date.

Further down the list, below all of these traits is physical attraction: 86% of daters look at a potential partner, according to Match Data.

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