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FrustratingThe Direct sequel to Disney+ For the best live-action Disney fairy tale movie, it’s held together by the magic that Amy Adams is. The story, unfortunately, lacks enough of its charm to feel completely satisfied.

in the previous movie fascinatedAnd the Giselle was her A delightful metaphor for a future princess who is brought to life and finds herself in modern New York City. She discovers there’s more to life than “true love’s kiss” and ends up with Robert (Patrick Dempsey), a sexy lawyer, instead of the perfect Prince Edward (James Marsden). The first film captured the sincerity of the quest to preserve the best of fairy tale ideals in a world that could use a little magic – while also breaking down metaphors that should be broken in real life through music and climactic action (shout out to Susan Sarandon For being a delicious dragon villain).

in FrustratingAnd the We find Giselle searching for ways to restore the magic in her life. Her family has outgrown their New York City apartment, daughter Morgan (now played by Gabriela Baldachino) is a teen, and her family has welcomed a newborn, Sofia. So they decide to uproot to suburban Monroeville — an imperfect place, despite outward appearances, where the show is run by mean girl mom Malvina Monroe (Maya Rudolph) and her henchmen (Jaime Mays and Yvette Nicole Brown).

Seeing that suburbia isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and with a teen missing her old city life, Giselle takes matters into her own hands when the opportunity presents itself. And she does so in the form of Edward and Nancy (Idina Menzel), who, as Sofia’s magical godparents, offer a wishing wand for the baby, since she’s Andalusia’s daughter. The setting is clever. After a fight with Morgan, who calls her “stepmother” out of anger despite the close relationship they had in the first film, Giselle uses the wand to summon the kind of fantasy life that drew Morgan into when they first met.

When Giselle awakens, Monroeville is a kingdom, not unlike the ones we’ve seen in series like Galavant And the one day. And this is where the movie genre lost me. It quickly falls into a very similar world we’ve seen Disney accomplish more than once, but with a Fairytale Core filter it’s been played with and given a much better cast (Frustrating Does it really harm them). However, the costumes in “good” Giselle and Morgan are immaculate and feel like modern fantasy fashion house Silkie meets Disney.

talk about “good” Giselle, Adams never misses a step in recreating the wide-eyed, upbeat spirit from the first film. When the gist of the plot is introduced — her desire makes her an hourly evil stepmother — it’s presented as a cool twist, but the idea becomes disjointed as the movie goes on. There are a lot of plot threads, between Giselle’s relationship with Morgan trying to be the main focus, but then there’s also Giselle versus Malvina for the crown. However, Adams enjoys being “bad” Giselle in an amazing way and totally nails her two different energies and contrasting ideals.

B plots also get messy with a lot of characters that you usually want more of. Dempsey is given a two-dimensional arc in which Robert tries to find purpose in a fairytale world as the hapless hero, which is meaningless to whoever he was before. Morgan also has a love story that could have been more remarkable to sell us. Then Nancy and Edward come to the rescue and save the day again; Nancy gets the full Fairy Godmother treatment with the movie’s key musical numbers. At least a house finally gets to sing! Rudolph also elevates every scene and musical number she represents as the perfect vehicle for “bad” Giselle.

All in all, it’s great to see all of these characters fall back and forth into the various fairy tales surrounding queens and daughters; It works for the most part, largely because of the cast’s commitment to their roles. It’s a shame the story doesn’t live up to the first film – perhaps it should have been a mini-series instead, to better serve the various threads and relationships that writer Brigitte Hales and director Adam Shankman wanted to explore. I hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of the characters and there are more chapters in the universe fascinated to see.

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