ChatterQuant Review – Is This Platform Worth The Price?

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ChatterQuant is a crypto trading tool that tracks signals for stocks, cryptocurrencies, and forex rates on social media. The software also monitors sentiment on Reddit and Twitter to help traders detect when an asset will see a significant change. Is this platform suitable for your trading needs? Find out by reading our in-depth ChatterQuant review.


  • Track social sentiment for stocks, forex, indices and cryptocurrencies
  • Keep an eye on Twitter and Reddit (TikTok and YouTube will be released)
  • Heatmap displays the fastest moving keywords
  • Shows the amount of social activity driven by bot accounts


  • Expensive compared to other social sentiment analysis tools
  • It does not offer customizable dashboards or watchlists

ChatterQuant is a market analytics platform that monitors stocks, cryptocurrencies, and forex across social media. The platform tracks Twitter and Reddit sentiment to help traders determine when an asset is about to make a big move.

ChatterQuant is particularly useful for cryptocurrency traders since cryptocurrency price movements are often highly dependent on social activity. However, the platform may not be of much use to stock traders. In any case, the ChatterQuant platform is very limited in scope compared to most real-time stock research and technical trading platforms.

In our ChatterQuant review, we will take a closer look at all the tools and features of this platform.

ChatterQuant - Home

Quantity pricing options

ChatterQuant offers a single plan that costs $99 per month or $990 per year. You can try the platform for free for 7 days (credit card required).

ChatterQuant - Pricing

ChatterQuant also provides API access. You should contact the company for a custom quote.

ChatterQuant features

Social signals overview

ChatterQuant monitors signals of financial assets, including stocks, forex, indices and cryptocurrencies, on social media. The platform mainly monitors Twitter and Reddit, but it also tracks social forums like WallStBets and ShortSqueeze. ChatterQuant plans to start monitoring YouTube, TikTok, and market news outlets in the near future.

ChatterQuant - Overview of assets

ChatterQuant’s Asset Overview panel provides a simple overview of the most mentioned assets. You can filter the feed by asset type, sentiment score or percentage change in signals on daily, weekly or monthly timescales. The platform also tracks how the relative rank of each asset changes in terms of social mentions on daily, weekly and monthly timescales.

Keyword search

Digging deeper into the data, you can view a heat map of specific keywords that are seeing spikes in mentions. The table shows the most frequently used financial keywords as well as the assets that are discussed side by side.

ChatterQuant - Keyword Research

Keyword data can be interesting, but you have to be willing to spend some time searching for nuggets. Unsurprisingly, the most popular keywords are almost always words like “price,” “stock,” “trade,” and “market.” However, if you sort by daily or weekly ranking change, you may find specific companies or indices that have increased the discussion volume. The heatmap does a good job of highlighting these fast-growing keywords.

signals intelligence

Once you find specific companies, trends, or keywords that are increasing in social signals, you can analyze the social data in more detail in ChatterQuant’s Signal Intelligence dashboard.

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You can see at a glance how many keyword signals are coming from bot accounts (such as trading signals or price alert bots) versus individual Twitter and Reddit users. You can also see how many unique accounts are behind keyword mentions and whether the sentiment is bullish or bearish.

ChatterQuant - the intelligence of signals

A Twitter mini-feed shows the Tweets with the most reach and engagement around a target keyword. So, you can quickly see if keywords like “my therapy” or “metaverse” are talking about the same company or asset. ChatterQuant’s Smart Wallet also displays assets that are mentioned most often in conjunction with a keyword and assigns them an engagement score.

Customization and planning

There isn’t much to ChatterQuant, so the platform is very easy to navigate. You can customize columns and filters for keyword tables, but there aren’t any other customization options. It would be nice if the platform allowed you to create watchlists for specific bars, asset names, or keywords, but it doesn’t.

Junction chat platform

There isn’t much that separates ChatterQuant from other social sentiment analysis services like, Stockgeist for stocks, or Santiment for crypto. All of these platforms are much cheaper than ChatterQuant. ChatterQuant does a better job of analyzing finance-related keywords rather than just asset and index names, but that’s not enough of an advantage for most traders to make up for ChatterQuant’s higher prices and lack of watchlists.

The main benefit of ChatterQuant is that it provides social sentiment monitoring for stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and indices in one platform. Other platforms focus on a single asset class.

If ChatterQuant can integrate monitoring of video-based social platforms like TikTok and YouTube, that could give it a huge boost. These platforms are playing an increasingly important role in spreading the word about new tokens in particular.

What type of trader is best for ChatterQuant?

ChatterQuant is designed for short-term traders who want to track sudden spikes in social media attention to stay ahead of price increases for stocks, forex, indices or cryptocurrencies. Social media is far from a perfect indicator of upcoming price changes, so traders need to interpret this data with caution and pair ChatterQuant with a more comprehensive technical analysis platform.

Stock traders may find more benefit in a real-time market news service such as Benzinga Pro or TradeTheNews. Cryptocurrency traders may find ChatterQuant useful because cryptocurrency prices are driven by social media activity to a greater degree than stock and forex prices. However, cryptocurrency traders should be especially wary of pump-and-dump schemes or high volatility fueled by social media.