‘Did Microsoft fire the wrong folks’: Twitter reacts to Microsoft Teams, Outlook outage


Soon after several Microsoft services reported outages, Twitter users jokingly wondered whether the US-based tech giant laid off the wrong teams. A user named Shishir tweeted, “What’s up with MS Teams today? Did Microsoft lay off the wrong folks or something?”

A data scientist at Microsoft, Harveen Singh Chaddha said his colleagues started wondering whether they got laid off. Chaddha tweeted: “Microsoft Team is down and some of my colleagues thought they got laid off. Difficult times!!”

Another user wrote, “Microsoft not working on a day before a national holiday is god’s message to log out early.”

PR professional Juhi Chauhan wrote: “Outlook! What is this behaviour? Sincerely, corporate professionals everywhere (sic).” 

Users also shared hilarious memes about the same. 

Meanwhile, 3,193 complaints with regards to Microsoft Outlook have been logged on the outage tracking portal Downdetector as of 01:14 pm. Of this, 71 per cent users reported issues related to server connection, 19 per cent reported issues related to website and 10 per cent had login issues. 

On the other hand, Microsoft Teams logged 3,553 complaints as of 01:14 pm. While 64 per cent users reported issues with the app, 25 per cent had issues with the server connection and 11 per cent had issues with the website. 

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