Dwayne Betts on Beauty, Prison, and Redaction


Intro. [Recording date: January 5, 2023.]

Russ Roberts: Today is January 5th, 2023 and my guest is poet and lawyer, Dwayne Betts. He is the creator of the Freedom Reads Project, an initiative to install curated micro-libraries of 500 books in prisons across the country, a project we spoke about on his first appearance. This is his third appearance on EconTalk. Dwayne was last here in May of 2022 discussing Ralph Ellison and Primo Levi.

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Dwayne, welcome back to EconTalk.

Dwayne Betts: I know it’s always a pleasure to be here. I’m chasing Mike Munger.

Russ Roberts: You’re close. Well, with this third episode, you’re on your way. I lose track. I think Mike is in his 40s, but just a few more dozen. Couple dozen. Well, three dozen. Well, more than that.

But I would never underestimate you, Dwayne. All things are possible.