Gautam Adani says India will be the world’s third largest economy “long before” 2030

India will be the world’s third largest economy “before long” by 2030 and second largest by 2050, said Gautam Adani, chairman of the Adani Group. Speaking at the 2022 Global Conference of Accountants, India’s Path to an Economic Superpower, in Mumbai on Saturday, Adani said the next three decades will be decisive and will propel India to the forefront of entrepreneurship.
Adani noted, “We have gathered at a time of uncertainty. The intersection of the Covid pandemic, the war between Russia and Ukraine, the challenge of climate change, and the unprecedented acceleration of inflation have created a crisis of global leadership.”
The founder and chairman of the Ports to Energy Group added that India will start adding $1 trillion to its GDP every year or 18 months from the next decade, which will help the economy grow.
In 2021, the pace of rhinos in India is the fastest in the world. India implemented real-time transactions globally in 2021. It was six times larger than the United States, France, Canada and Germany combined. All of this laid the foundation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution where humans and machines are interconnected. He added, “I expect the number of startups to drive venture capital funding in India. India has already seen acceleration in venture capital funding to $50 billion in just eight years.”
In his speech, Adani said that he has full confidence in India’s growing economy and praised the initiatives of the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this regard.
“After more than two decades…we have a majority government of its own. This has given our country the ability to embark on several structural reforms,” ​​Al-Adani said.
He added that “In 1947, there was a view that Indian democracy would not last. Not only were we not successful, but now India is seen as a role model for the peaceful transfer of power from one government to another.”
Speaking on renewable energy, Adani said the combination of solar and green energy along with green hydrogen will open up “great” opportunities for India in the future. “By 2050, there is a potential for India to become a net green energy exporter,” he said.