How to renew a US passport online

Now, go back to the MyTravelGov website and enter your login information. On the next page, type in the box the time-sensitive, one-time-use code that was sent to your email. Next, select three security questions and provide corresponding answers to finish the initial login process.

Now wait. (Remember this step for later!)

There is a section labeled Welcome to MyTravelGov On the home page where you will see the option to apply for a consular birth report abroad. This is not the form you want to fill out, but this section is the blue one renewing passport The button should appear after you have fully registered your account.

The website’s FAQ estimates a delay of up to four hours between account creation and registration completion. It took about an hour and a half before I got the option to renew. Try again in a couple of hours if an error message pops up when you initially click the Renew button.

After clicking on Renew Passport, click on the button in the upper right corner that reads Start a new application. Look through the following pages to confirm your eligibility and review the disclaimer. Before moving on to the next step, go ahead and locate the original copy of your expired passport.

Enter the required information from your passport. If you have a passport card in addition to your passport booklet, fill in the information from both. Eligible persons will be asked to share more information about their travel plans, select their passport type, confirm their personal information, and upload an appropriate photo ID. Depending on when you attempt to renew online, you will likely have to wait until more slots open in the following month.

You can save the application for later once you begin, although you are required to complete the entire application in less than a month. Need more time? Just start a new app.

How much does it cost?

Online renewal fees are similar to what you would pay at a physical location. The Passport Book costs $130 and the Passport Card costs $30. Note that if you only have one form of passport and would like the other, you are required to purchase both. For example, if you have an expired book and you just want to get a card, that’s not possible online. You can either buy the book or buy both types for $160.

How long will it take to arrive?

Now for the biggest wait of them all. The site reads: “Our processing times are a range.”

From the day you apply, it can take about two weeks before your submission becomes active in the system. After that, the passport can arrive seven to 10 weeks later. You may be given the option to pay an additional $60 to get a faster result, which can reduce your waiting time for two weeks.

While there is a way to see the status of mail applications online, it does not currently work for digital renewals. With that in mind, you can expect four email updates to arrive in your inbox letting you know when your order has been received, is in process, approved, and shipped. Be sure to double check these spam folders.

Although it is not a pleasant experience, the sooner you stop procrastinating and renew your passport, the better.