Live Trading Session Using “Supply Demand EA Pro” (16/3/2023) – Analytics & Forecasts – 17 March 2023


 Hello traders,

I placed three trades today. A long setup on CADJPY H1, a long setup on AUDJPY M30 and a short setup on AUDUSD M30.

I had 2 winners and 1 looser. On the video i am showing you how i manage the loss trade on CADJPY.

Many times a zones breaks and price comes back to the zone. Price very rarely goes to one direction it usually goes up and down so we can have a benefit from it.

I had a long setup on CADJPY H1, then i spotted that price goes against me and i moved my Take Profit level into loss territorry, also i moved my Stop Loss lower.

Price went through the zone and then came up again, in that way i lost half of my risk. That is a technique that i use sometimes to minimize my risk at half.

You can use it too and you will see some impressive results on your profits. All we want as traders is to maximize our Profits and minimize our Losses.

On the following Live Session Video you can see all the setups that i spotted today and how i managed them.

My setups were spoted using “Supply Demand EA Pro” in combination with “Automated Trendlines” indicator. 


Automated Trendlines :