Maharashtra: This school in a village of 150 people has only 1 student


The value of education is not new, as evidenced by the fact that a man in Maharashtra reportedly travels more than 10 kilometres each day to teach in a school. The only problem with this tale is that there is only one student.

Kishore Mankar, a teacher at a Zila Parishad Primary School in the Maharashtra village of Ganeshpur, claimed that the school has seen only one student in the last two years, news agency ANI reported.

Mankar also stated that Ganeshpur has a population of only 150 people and is located 22 kilometres from Maharashtra’s Washim District.

Kishore Mankar stated that he has taught at this school for the past two years.

“I’m the only teacher in school,” said Kishore Mankar, a teacher who has been riding his bike to school every day for two years to teach just one student.

“There is only one teacher in the school for the last two years. I have been teaching during this period,” ANI quoted Mankar as saying.

“From 10:30 am to 12 pm, I follow all the rules and regulations including singing the national anthem,” Mankar stated.

“I teach him all the subjects. All the facilities given by the government including mid-day meal are being provided to the student,” Mankar added.

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