NBC: Body camera footage shows Paul Pelosi opening the door for police before the alleged attack

The official version of the Paul Pelosi attack claimed by Democrats and the mainstream media makes no sense. You don’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to know that there are many contradictory accounts from the Justice Department against local police and even some reports from journalists.

In fact, NBC suspended one of its reporters, Miguel Almaguer, after he reported that on the night of the supposed attack on Pelosi’s home in San Francisco, Paul Pelosi had actually opened the door when police knocked, apparently in normal health, then walked away from the officers to talk. With alleged assailant David Debab, when Debab attacked him. This report has led many to suggest that Pelosi and Debaby know each other somehow.

A media storm ensued with a denial from the Justice Department, which offered very different details of events in which police officers opened the door themselves and found Pelosi struggling with Debaby, who hit him with a hammer. NBC dropped Almaguer after many called his reporting “bizarre”.

As it turns out, Miguel Almaguer was right. NBC is now reporting that police body cam footage has been made available to some media outlets and that the footage clearly shows Paul Pelosi opening the door to police in apparently good health. This completely contradicts the Justice Department’s report on the attack and suggests a possible cover-up.

NBC was forced to retract its earlier assertions that the Paul Pelosi Open event was unfounded. why? Because they have to. Eventually, the police body cam footage would be moved into the public domain for all to see, and NBC would release their false reports. However, they suggest that it “didn’t really matter” who opened the door to Pelosi’s home, and that Paul Pelosi’s actions do not support “conspiracy theories” surrounding the attack.

If so, why would the Department of Justice lie? Sure, they saw the same body cam footage. If there is no conspiracy, why is there an attempted cover-up?

NBC has never had a problem editing news stories in the past and presenting biased opinions as evidence, but suddenly they are now pretending as if they have journalistic integrity? Journalists are required to present what they believe are the facts to the general public, but they are also required to investigate possible false narratives and misinformation in order to separate truth from lies. In the case of the attack on Paul Pelosi, NBC and other outlets clearly don’t want to dig any deeper.

Now that the midterm elections are over, the “MAGA striker” story seems to no longer serve any purpose. Democrats conjured up their conspiracy theory first – claiming that right-wing “extremists” are a threat to “democracy” and Pelosi’s attack proves it. There is no evidence to support this claim. However, there is evidence to support the theory that Pelosi was familiar with Debaby and that his behavior indicated familiarity.

No person threatened with being hit with a hammer by a home intruder would get any closer to the violent stranger than to run towards the police. This didn’t happen, it’s nonsense.

What is likely to happen as this condition develops? A media blackout of the story, like we’ve seen with multiple cases in the last few years that make the political left look bad (the Waukesha massacre by BLM supporter Daryl Brooks comes to mind). Details that contradict the official narrative will likely surface but will be buried and ignored. Leftists will continue to classify any suspicion as a “conspiracy” as they hope and pray that the general public will forget entirely and turn to other distractions.