Orbital kernel code. Entry Preparation “MT4” (Updated Nov 2022) – Analytics and Forecasts – Nov 23, 2022

Update (November 2022)

husband proposal: EURUSDAnd the EURCHFAnd the Swiss Franc and others side pairs

You should check the current market volatility every month and then trade low volatility pairs EA It works best in this type of pairs.

In my current trade I use: Swiss Franc

hour suggestion; 4

minimum budget suggestion ; 600 USD

Entry setting

· Profit taking: 24

· AutoAdjustTO5Digits: TRUE.

· ECN implementation: False. This function also depends on what kind of broker you are with, just try it with our demo account and if the EA is able to open the order then all is good.

· Martingale function; bloomer. This is the martingale’s job. Adjust by backtesting first before trying in a real live account.

· Max Martin; 1. Don’t go over 1

· Charm; Put any number you want.

· deviating from BB Entry; 2

· b b period; 30

· The low level of the RSI: 20

· The upper level of the RSI is 70

· rsi period; 14

If you want to try to improve the EA, I’d suggest just using this The parameter is enough: TakeProfit / MartingaleFunction / bbPeriod / RSILowerLevel / RSIUpperLevel.

Try to improve EA at least every 3 months.

If you have any question regarding EA Feel free to contact me directly