The 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar is going viral for the wrong reasons

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar hasn’t started yet, and it’s already spreading for the wrong reasons. The fan accommodations are reminiscent of Fyre Fest, the food doesn’t look fancy, everything is on the expensive side, and some of the fears of Qatar hosting an international community are really starting to materialize.

So yeah, it’s not going well yet.

The feasibility and morality of the Qatar World Cup has been called into question since the day FIFA chose it as the host country. In short: US prosecutors alleged that the selection process 12 years ago was corrupt, and it has only gotten worse since then. The dates had to be moved because it is too hot to play football in the Qatari summer, the country has strict rules banning homosexuality, and there have been widespread allegations of mistreatment of migrant workers who built the infrastructure for the tournament. Due to the secrecy in Qatar, it is difficult to know the actual death toll, but according to some statistics, thousands of workers may have died.

Qatar had to build the infrastructure for the World Cup from scratch and reportedly spent $300 billion on infrastructure projects to accommodate the 1.2 million football fans likely to arrive for the sporting event. However, the tournament begins on Sunday, November 20, and the fans and journalists who arrive on the pitch find out the truth about the quick task in Qatar.

First things first, the accommodations for World Cup fans don’t look great. For $200 a night, you can stay in a shipping container. There were also tent villages that looked incredibly abstract in a video that went viral this week.

Almost everyone on the internet has made the same connection to Fyre Fest, the doomed music festival that made national headlines in 2017.

And to be fair, the jokes seem to have some validity. The pop-up villages, one of which is next to the main airport, were set up because Qatar hotels couldn’t handle the number of World Cup fans, athletes and other travelers.

Oh and food in fan villages? Not perfect from a single viral photo we’ve seen so far. (Someone remembers the infamous Fyre Fest cheese on bagel.)

If you want alcohol – let’s be real, this is the World Cup and Lots of people – you should probably do a little research. And you will have to pay. Consumption of alcohol in public places is prohibited in Qatar, with the exception of the World Cup. But they are very expensive and hard to find because the government wanted to hide them away. In fact, just days before the start of the tournament, high-ranking Qatari officials requested that major sponsor Budweiser’s beer tents be moved out of sight. If you find a beer, you get $14. People on the internet are not happy with this price.

And last but not least, things really grew thicker between Qatar and the foreign press. Officials interrupt a live Danish broadcast about the World Cup, threatening to break the camera. Not a great first viral report from the ground.

The first kick hasn’t happened yet, and the 2022 World Cup already looks like a bit of a disaster.