The European Parliament intends to classify Russia as a “terrorist state”

The European Parliament prepared a resolution Recognizing Russia as a “terrorist state” – To be the subject of a vote to be held during a session in Strasbourg next week, according to the statement of the spokesperson at a press conference on Friday.

The largely symbolic resolution was drafted by the centre-right European People’s Party (EPP) and cites Russia’s decision. “Intimidate and destroy Ukrainians as a nation”, According to a draft previously seen by Euronews.

European Parliament building, file photo

It was also said that the political blocs “New Europe”, “European Conservatives” and “Reformers” support an official announcement that may come as early as next Wednesday.

Although the resolution is not legally binding, it could be used for the European Union to impose further sanctions on Moscow, and could create momentum for other countries such as the United Kingdom to adopt the “state terror” label for Russia. However, the UK has so far resisted these calls from some individual British politicians and officials.

To date, the Baltics Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were the first to legally recognize Russia as a terrorist state.

The Biden administration has also so far resisted some isolated congressional calls to do so, with the Kremlin warning that such action would destroy all relationships and contacts. It will make a negotiated settlement in Ukraine almost impossible.

So far it is It was the Pentagon in particular that sought to keep the line of communications open. CIA Director William Burns was in Turkey this week to meet this Russian intelligence counterpart.

But none of these efforts to keep some sort of potential negotiation open will be possible if the United States calls Russia a “terrorist state.” The US is also mainly interested in pursuing prisoner swaps, with citizens like Brittney Grenier now serving long prison sentences.