‘Twitter before and after’: Zomato’s meme takes a hilarious look at Elon Musk

Billionaire Elon Musk is facing a firestorm of criticism for his recent developments since the Twitter acquisition. From confusion over the blue verification badge, to mass layoffs, all of these dramatic developments have given social media users enough material to delve deeper into Twitter’s new boss.

Food delivery company, Zomato, has also jumped in. The company led by Deepinder Goyal has published a meme describing what the current Twitter situation looks like.

Zomato on November 22 shared two spaghetti pics, with text inserts on each that read: “Twitter before Elon Musk” and “Twitter after Elon Musk.” The first photo is of uncooked spaghetti, which was pointed out on Twitter before Elon Musk took over. The second photo shows cooked spaghetti, with threads intertwined, just like the chaos now unfolding since Musk’s takeover.

after comment”Namaste’, and contained a folded hands emoji, showing yet another careful dig into Musk’s latest tweet, in which he asked all his critics of his handling of the Twitter situation to stay on other platforms. “I hope all those judging hall watchers will still be on other platforms – please, I beg,” he wrote. He concluded his speech by tweeting “Namaste”.

To date, the post has received more than 1,300 likes and more than 80 retweets. The tweet continued to circulate, with social media users posting hilarious responses, with some even expressing concerns about the current situation on Twitter. To add more to the meme game, one user wrote, “When I was a kid” and “When I grew up.”

Another user posted a comment comparing khichri to the situation on twitter, captioning it, “Simple khichri vs. khichri on twitter.”

“Good Zomato,” said a third user, while others posted a laughing emoji in response to the tweet, and a fourth joked, “Elon Musk is planning to buy Zomato after this tweet.” I had another clever response to the meme. He wrote, “Zomato, you mean, Elon Musk added more flavor and color to something that was raw and bland and uncooked?”

One user even described the current situation on Twitter as worse than a home-baked cake. “Twitter after Elon Musk is worse than our first cake,” the tweet read.

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