Vox rights and German shopping carts

The Labor Department’s new classification rules could give workers to companies like Uber and DoorDash more rights — if they go into effect.

This is how the line reads, under the heading, from a hadeeth Fox Article by Rachel M. Cohen, “Explaining the Coming Battle Over the Gig Economy,” FoxOctober 12, 2022.

What this line doesn’t even hint at is that if Biden’s rules on temporary work prevail, the federal government won’t honor one of the basic rights people have: the right to choose to engage in contract work.

It reminds me of a story Michael Munger, a Duke University economist, likes to tell about his time in Germany. He had seen an older lady with an empty shopping cart who was returning to the store, and being a gentleman, he tried to take it from her to come back and save her from trouble. He got into a tug of war with the lady until a cop came over and explained that when you return your cart you get back the Euros you had put in the slot to get the cart. She saw him trying to steal from her instead of doing her a favor.

Likewise, millions of workers do not see the federal government granting them rights but rather refuse to recognize their right.

Mike Munger had an excuse: He didn’t know German practice. What is the excuse of the Biden Labor Department and Vox writer?