Wipro allows more than 30,000 employees to unionize in Europe

Indian IT giant Wipro has allowed more than thirty thousand of its employees working in Europe to unionize, making it the first Indian company to take this step. The IT services giant has entered into an agreement with employee representatives to create the European Business Council (EWC).

Deepak Pareja, Senior Vice President and Executive Director of Human Resources at the Europe arm of Wipro, said this was a step towards adopting European recruitment standards.

He said, “EWS proves that Wipro applies and adopts European recruitment standards as a responsible global employer.”

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It is worth noting that the application for permission to form a union was submitted by employees in 2019 and is a regulatory requirement in Europe for companies to act on the application within three years from the date of receipt of the said application.

“EWC will help us improve as we internalize employee perspectives on a consistent basis,” added the Head of Human Resources Europe, Wipro’s European arm.

The company announced in a statement that the EWC agreement was being negotiated with employee representatives from 13 countries including the Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden and Finland.

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The IT/ITeS services company also indicated that after EWS members are appointed, according to local rules, the union’s first constitutional meeting will be held in the first quarter of fiscal year 2024 where members are expected to elect a chair, and select committee members. The union is also expected to ensure that Wipro employees are informed and consulted by management on the progress of the business and any important decisions that may affect them.

Interestingly, the company incurred a cost of Rs 136 crore in the July-September quarter of the 2022-23 financial year in restructuring charges to address deficiencies in Europe.

“The establishment of the EWC reinforces the already successful collaboration with employee representations in several European countries. Wipro aims to provide the best employee experience and create an inclusive environment that is welcoming to all and nurtures a general sense of belonging.”