You should have heard this wildly excited broadcaster describe Saudi Arabia’s second and decisive goal against Argentina

World Cup fans can’t stop talking about Saudi Arabia’s stunning 2-1 upset of perennial world football powerhouse Argentina on Tuesday.

Aside from Salem Al Dosari’s delightful turnaround who scored Qatar’s second winning goal on the third day of the competition, this announcer’s enthusiasm stood out as the most prevalent moment of the match:

While those who do not speak Arabic may find his comment difficult to understand, the language used is almost off topic.

“God, God, God,” the announcer shouts, making his appeal to the deafening crowd roar as Al-Dossary executes the soon-to-be-famous chariot. The announcer joyfully repeats the player’s name, as well as praising the Islamic god, several times.

Saudi Arabia’s victory in neighboring Qatar sparked for some memories of 1990, when Cameroon beat Diego Maradona’s Argentina 1-0 in the opening match of the World Cup in Milan.

Pakistan cricket coach and former captain Mohammad Yousuf notably shared the video of Al-Dosari’s goal, and one tweet identified enthusiastic commentator Hassan Al-Aidarous of beIN Sports, a unit of the Doha-based beIN Media Group, as the broadcaster making the call with a fervor that could not immediately be confirmed by MarketWatch.

Here’s another look at that moment in Saudi football history, and it’s an instantly historic moment for a team ranked 53rd in the world as of June, according to FIFA.

No idea what the commentator is saying but this is pure football passion, #what a goalHe undoubtedly speaks for many, said a Twitter user named @CitizenMalone.

Other videos captured Saudi fans celebrating outside the stadium:

Tuesday’s goal call wasn’t far from the big moments in the world’s most popular sport. Here’s an Icelandic broadcaster going a little crazy about a goal scored in the tie against Portugal in the country’s debut at Euro 2016:

And here’s Uruguayan commentator Victor Hugo Morales celebrating Maradona’s “Goal of the Century” in the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals (h/t Listening and Learning blog):

Almost the shock of the Saudi victory, and the beIN broadcaster’s participation in a moment of global fame, is the unhappiness that Argentina fans felt about the three goals that were erased by offside calls, in a World Cup that did not happen, after three days, lacking controversy.

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